Barnetts Volvo Free Health Check

We do everything we can to make your Volvo as safe as possible. And to make sure it stays that way we're offering to carry out a comprehensive free health check of your Volvo. Our Volvo trained technicians inspect all the mechanical elements of your car and connect your car to our diagnostic system - to check the parts you can see and the ones you can't. We'll also be able to let you know about any software upgrades available for your model direct from the Volvo factory in Sweden.

When you bring in your vehicle for a Health Check, we carry out a comprehensive inspection in order to promote safe driving and to help maintain your car's performance.

Our Volvo trained technicians will check all of the following:

• Engine oil level • Exhaust System for condition and security
• Coolant level • Condition of brake pads and discs
• Screen wash fluid level • Handbrake operation/adjustment
• Steering Fluid level • Condition of battery using the Volvo Battery Tester
• Battery Security and Electrolyte level • All internal instruments and controls for operation
• Brake Fluid level • Steering, suspension and shock absorbers for condition, security and leaks
• Clutch Fluid level • Pollen filter condition
• Auto Transmission Fluid level • Connect to VIDA
• All Wiper Blades for security and condition • Fan/Alternator & PAS belts for condition and security
• All tyre pressures including spare • Radiator and coolant hoses for condition, security and leaks
• Tyres for condition/damage