Volvo Car Tyres

Here at Barnetts Volvo, we work tirelessly to ensure that our customers get the best from Volvo. It means we can offer you genuine Volvo parts to benefit you.

Tyres wear day by day as your using your Volvo, it’s unavoidable but there are things that you should look out for including damage to your tyres to make sure that they are safe, things such as uneven wear which is usually caused by misalignment, bulges, cuts and foreign objects should be looked at by your local Volvo Dealer.

Tyres are the only point of contact with the road surface, therefore they should be checked regularly.

✔ Low tread depths and incorrectly inflated tyres reduce the effectiveness of braking, steering and acceleration
✔ A tyres’s performance – particularly in wet conditions deteriorates dramatically once it gets below 2mm
✔ Low tyre pressures can reduce your vehicles fuel economy, braking and handling performance as well as leading to premature wear

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Check your tyres are legal and safe with Barnetts Volvo with our FREE tyre safety check.

We will check tyre prices locally to save you time, and if you find the same tyre replacement within 5 days, we'll refund the difference.

All our tyres are brand-new and guaranteed against manufacturing defects. We will refund the difference as long as:

  • Quote must be on a like-for-like tyre*
  • Competitors must have stock available locally^ for immediate fitting
  • Price match from competitor must be fully inclusive of all costs including - the tyre, balancing, delivery, fitting, valves, disposal of the old casing and VAT
  • A written quote will need to be provided within 5 days of purchase - meeting all above requirements
  • All quotes must be provided from the local geographical area
  • The offer is available to retail customers only...

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For a no obligation quotation for tyre replacement or to book a complimentary check of your tyre please contact our service department today on 01382 643295.